UCLA Latino Bruin People

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  • Sandra Ibarra
    I’m running for San Bernardino City Council – 2nd ward and need help! Election Day is June 5th. I was born and raised in Santa Ana. First generation. Graduated from UCLA in 2003 with BA. How did I get out here? I bought my first home here in San Bernardino (2014). City was bankrupt and I’ve been volunteering to help make this city a better place to live in through various community cleanups, reporting unsafe playgrounds, potholes, non-working street lights, Neighborhood Watch Block Captain, reactivated the neighborhood association where I live and working right now on the CIRCLE 2.0 Project – we are getting 245 free street trees for our city on behalf of CalFire and West Coast Arborists in order to help reduce carbon and limit emissions into our air, attend council meetings and speak up for community. I live in what one would consider the “inner city”. Ridden with crime and poverty in this neighborhood. I want to help turn this city around, even if it’s one block at a time, one neighborhood at a time. All of us in our block know each other and this would be nice to have in this neighborhood – lots of distrust and voter apathy. I have a Crowdpac page. Would like to host meet&greets but need help. Thank you.
  • Brenda Vazquez