About the Ucla Latino Alumni Association

Please join the UCLA Latino Alumni Association (ULAA). ULAA’s mission is to organize Latino alumni, family and friends of UCLA for the benefit and advancement of the Latino community, UCLA alumni, students, faculty and staff. Now entering another year, ULAA continues to:
  • Provide an opportunity for alumni to take advantage of the social, intellectual, cultural and educational resources of UCLA
  • Promote access to UCLA’s academic, administrative and economic resources for the advancement of the Latino community
  • Encourage and assist Latino students to enter and succeed at UCLA
  • Promote the recruitment and success of faculty, staff and administrators
  • Provide financial, academic, social, and professional support to Latino students, faculty, and staff



ULAA's scholarships would not be possible without the generous support of alumni, friends, and supporters. Join us in continuing our legacy in supporting students at UCLA by upgrading your membership to Blue or Gold today. We are proud that UCLA Latino Alumni Association has accumulated a reasonable endowment that provides financial assistance to deserving students. 


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