The UCLA Latino Alumni Association is dedicated to the advancement of scholars.

Vital to the future of higher education, endowments sustain the University even through tumultuous economic climates, serving as a permanent way to secure scholarships, as well as strengthening UCLA’s competitiveness.

Endowments ensure opportunities for the pursuit of innovative education for future generations of scholars and accelerate the path to achieving national and international standing in various fields of study.

Donors who choose to establish endowments often do so in honor or memory of someone who has made a difference in their lives. They also are making a difference, creating legacies of leadership, and guiding the University into the future.

Endowed funds are invaluable in supporting the mission of the UCLA Latino Alumni Association by ensuring a reliable and steady source of funding. The income from each endowed fund underwrites the purpose established by the donor.

Click below to donate to the UCLA Latino Alumni Endowment Fund. Funds deposited into the endowment are used for general scholarship tuition, and books. A percentage of funds is allocated each year from the endowment.  Please contact Soleil if you have questions regarding donations and giving to our scholarship fund. sdelgadillo@alumni.ucla.edu Thank You!


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ULAA's scholarships would not be possible without the generous support of alumni, friends, and supporters. Join us in continuing our legacy in supporting students at UCLA by upgrading your membership to Blue or Gold today. We are proud that UCLA Latino Alumni Association has accumulated a reasonable endowment that provides financial assistance to deserving students. 


Questions? Contact Soleil Delgadillo (sdelgadillo@alumni.ucla.edu), UCLA Latino Alumni Association Scholarship Chair.



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