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Fiesta 2020


Fiesta de Inspiración 2019

October 31, 2020 at 6pm
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47th Annual Raza Grad

Celebrate your success at UCLA the right way, with your family and friends. 

The 47th Annual Raza Grad, the Latino Graduation Celebration at Pauley Pavilion, is an annual event held by UCLA's Latino community, in conjunction with the traditional UCLA Commencement, to celebrate the achievements of the Latino graduating class.

The 2020 Raza Grad will be followed by a reception and professional photo opportunities hosted by the UCLA Latino Alumni Association.

Download Raza Grad 2019 pics here.

June 14, 2020 at 12pm
Legendary Pauley Pavilion
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Spotlight: Sammy Saab, MD, MPH, AGAF

In January 2020, Sammy Saab a Latino Bruin from Downey, CA was named Chief of Transplant Hepatology at UCLA's Ronald Reagan Medical Center.


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How can I get involved?

10 ways to get involved with UCLA Latino Alumni Association.

  1. Attend an event. By attending an event you can get information from current board members. In turn, we will get to know you and help find a right amount of involvement for your level of interest. For the latest information about upcoming events visit our official blog or download our monthly newsletter.
  2. Become an Orgulloso Mentor. MEET THE SCHOLARS

  3. Lend your skillset. Are you an event planner? Join the planning committee for the next Fiesta de Inspiración. Do you have experience with social media strategy or design? Contact Community Relations and volunteer your skillset at the 47th annual Raza Graduation (June 14, 2020). There are opportunities year round.

  4. Share our network with your network. We hear about a lot of people who want to support the Latino community but don't know how. Share our website, forward our newsletter, like our posts on social media. All of these things help expand our network and discover better ways to serve our community.

  5. Become an Orgulloso mentor. Participate in the next Interview with a Bruin or help read UCLA Latino Alumni Association scholarship applications.

  6. Host a dinner with 12 Latino Bruins. Like UCLA's Dinner with 12 Strangers, except we set you up with current UCLA Latino students.

  7. Make a donation to our endowment.

  8. Help raise money for our endowment. Do you know a business or organization that would like to support the Latino Community? Let us know by emailing: LATINO@UCLA.ALUMNI.EDU

  9. Donate items to UCLA Latino Alumni Association. This can be school supplies for incoming freshmen, gift cards, a new printer, laundry detergent, just about anything. Contact us and we will arrange to meet for pickup or meet for delivery. 

  10. Join a committee. Scholarships, Membership, Community Relations, Finance and University Relations. Information about committees is found here. Meetings are announced on our newsletter. You can also contact members individually.

Scholarship, Joshua Coronado '18 : 
Membership, David Huizar '10 : 
Community Relations, Marvin Figueroa '03 : 
Finance - Luisa Garcia ‘10 : 
University Relations, Cesar Pacheco '18 :

How do I donate to the UCLA Latino Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship fund? 

Visit the UCLA Alumni donation page and specify in the dropdown menu where you want your donation to go. You have a choice between UCLA Latino Alumni Association Endowed Fund and the UCLA Latino Alumni Association Scholarship Fund for Current Use. The CATEGORY is Diversity and Outreach.

Can I volunteer my professional experience to help current students? 

Yes, absolutely. We are a volunteer organization and we are always thinking of ways to lift up our current students. You can use your professional experience by Mentoring a Latino Bruin. Applications due October 2020. If you have general questions and inquiries, email to

You can volunteer to Interview a Latino Bruin. Empower current students to interview with confidence. Volunteer a few hours and make a positive impact on a student’s life. Interviews take place in November 2020. To get involved, email

How can I help UCLA Latino Alumni Association via social media? 

Help expand our reach and help make the UCLA Latino Alumni Association better than ever! We are on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. Be sure to follow, like, subscribe and of course share our posts with your friends and family. We have more than 40,000 members nationwide and nearly 10,000 social media followers across all channels. Help us connect and reach as many people as possible by sharing our network with your network.

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